Dog Nutrition – The Powerful Role of Water in Your Dog’s Diet

By | April 17, 2018

Seventy percent of your dog’s body is made up of water. Dogs can live even if they lose most of their body fat and half of their body’s protein stores. However, dogs will die if their body loses even just 1/10 of their water.

In order to survive, a full grown dog requires, at a minimum of two milliliters of water per pound of body weight, every day. (There are 30 milliliters of water per every fluid ounce.) The two milliliters of water is the minimum amount of water for a dog to produce urine. Without the minimum amount of water necessary for urine production, your dog, will not be able to survive.

When given an unlimited supply of fresh water, your dog will drink much more than the required two millimeters. Giving your dog the least amount of water every day may be enough for him to survive, but not for long. Water deficiency damages the body and gradually injures and retards its functions. Water deficient dogs will eventually turn weak, get sick, and die.

Giving your dog more water than the absolute minimum amount required is beneficial in several ways:

1. H2O helps your dog maintain a normal body temperature.

2. H2O helps digest food and aids in nutrient absorption.

3. Drinking enough H2O replace the fluids lost in the body during secretions. (Sweat, urine, drool)

4. On a cellular level, H2O is responsible for mixing different chemicals in the body as they dissolve and transform into different chemical reactions.

5. H2O carries nutrients to the cells and also transfers toxic waste products from the cells to the organs for proper elimination. With the absence of water, these organs will not be able rid the body of toxins.

6. H2O is needed to regulate the blood’s acid level.

Water is a vital part of your dog’s life. It aids in digestion and in his daily bodily functions. Water is the most important part of his diet. All breeds of dog need plenty of fresh water, daily and most especially on hot days or after physical activity.

Kelly Marshall is a writer for Oh My Dog Supplies, the leading dog supplies site that includes educational dog articles and general dog tips

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