Fabric colour forecast

By | April 17, 2018

Jane Mervis, long time interior decorator and co-owner of Wolfe Street fabrics, which featured prominently at this years Proposte Fair in Italy and the Chelsea design week in London, recently gave her fabric trend forecast for this years fashion interiors.


Jane states that there have been changes in fabric colors, but they are very subtle changes, for example, chartreuse green was adopted as the yellow that was seen in all Cape Town holiday homes and houses a year ago, now it has been substituted with a French Chateau yellow. Putty, a staple neutral colour that has used in the past last years has been completely replaced with a soft dove grey. A light grey, rather than a dull grey, this versatile neutral can be used anywhere from the bathroom to a boys room. The added bonus to this soft grey is that when placed next to the new yellow, it makes the colour stand out.


A new trend that Jane predicts will be found all over every luxury apartment Cape Town has, is what Jane terms Maritzberg brick. It is a faded brick red, that once again stands out when placed next to the new dove grey and can add an element of elegance to any luxury accomodation Cape Town.


She states that virtually all colors have got softer, another new color is heather, a toned down purple which looks beautiful when teamed with the Maritzberg brick and sophisticated when used with the light dove gray and will surely be used in many holiday resorts in Cape Town.

 For those that feel that a light dove gray is not dramatic enough for their holiday rentals in Cape Town, there is always the other, darker neutral, pete, which is a mixture of dark brown and charcoal and adds a striking contrast to the other softer colors.

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