Key Elements in Golf Instruction Books

By | April 17, 2018

The key elements in golf instruction books to look out for are these.

Firstly, it must be written by a qualified professional golfer. It must have very plain and understandable dialogue. The diagrams explaining all the techniques must be very clear and simple to follow.

It must start at the very basic level of instruction, then moving on up into the more subtle parts, such as, how to develop a swing which gives you the maximum power and distance in your drive.

How to take on certain shots, for instance, sand bunker shots, fairway shots. Then club selection, For example, choosing the correct club for a particular fairway shot to land your ball in the right area under certain weather conditions.

Another vital key element in golf instruction books should be your technique development.

This is the section which deals with your grip, and your set up to address the ball. This is a vital component because it is to do with, where you are losing power in your swing. This is mainly down to bad habits which have crept into your game over many years of bad play, bad advice, and bad planning.

What form do these bad habits take. This is the importance of understanding exactly what the golf instruction author is describing. But first you must look deep into your own game and compare it with what the professional golf author is explaining in the book.

There can a multitude of small little problems, or there might be just one or two. But I tell you positively, there will be problems and these problems could be costing you dearly in your distance and your short game. And the great thing is they can be solved.

If you are really serious about improving your golf game, and understanding the basic fundamentals of your techniques as to why you are not driving your ball that extra twenty or thirty yards further, even though you feel you are doing everything right. Then the only positive move for you is to study a professionally, well written, E Book which has all the key elements that a golf instruction book should have and learn and practice the vital lessons offered to improve your golf game.

Whatever route you decide to take, I want to wish you many happy hours of golfing in the future.


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