Kindle DX – An Improved E-Book Reader

By | April 17, 2018

Kindle DX is Amazon’s newest and improved version of Kindle, the famous portable e-book reader. This new release of the popular electronic device contains several improvements over its predecessors.

It is now possible to read PDF files without having to convert them first. Previous Kindle versions allowed you to read PDF documents, but only after converting them to the device’s proprietary format, AZW. The DX’s ability to recognize PDF as a native format eliminates this hassle.

Considering the amount of content that is available as downloadable PDF files all over the Internet, this new feature is extremely convenient. It makes it especially useful for those who collect reports, white papers and e-books released in the format created by Acrobat. So, next time you subscribe to a newsletter and get an e-book as a gift, you will be able to comfortably read it on your Kindle DX as long as it is a PDF document.

Another important feature is its built-in accelerometer. For you, the final consumer, it means that whenever you turn your device on its side, the electronic paper display will change its alignment as well.

The result of this change in the screen alignment is that you can read documents in either portrait or landscape mode. Just choose the appropriate mode according to the file you want to read, rotate your DX and its screen will conform to the right orientation.

A notable improvement concerns its storage capacity. Previous Kindle versions allowed you to save around 1,500 e-books. Now you can store 2,000 additional items. By being able to save up to 3,500 files on your memory, you can rest assured that document storage won’t be a problem for you.

As nice as the improvements mentioned above are, you probably won’t notice them at first sight when you purchase your Kindle DX. What you will notice for sure is the device’s bigger screen size.

Older Kindle versions, although already useful, were rather small. The new display is two and a half times larger than that of its immediate predecessor, Kindle 2. The higher screen resolution will make it much more comfortable for you to read your college text books and/or your favorite newspapers, among other large-sized publications.

Thanks to all its new features, the new device can ensure that you will have a better user experience. Amazon Kindle DX may be just the e-book reading device you need.

Find out more about the Kindle and the new Kindle DX at our Kindle site.

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