L Powell Kitchen Island – Designed To Serve Multiple Purposes

By | April 17, 2018

Tough most of us would love to cook a wonderful three course meal for our family and friends, the very thought of the long hours of cooking and cleaning puts us off. Unfortunately, dinner parties at home are also becoming a rarity. Cooking for large groups does present a lot of challenges. However, a convenient kitchen can make the task at hand really easy.

To really speed up your work pace in the kitchen, a simple kitchen island cart in your kitchen can do the trick. The L Powell Kitchen Island from NFM is a lovely yet practical piece of wooden furniture meant for your dream kitchen! This traditional kitchen island offers you a stationary base that is sturdy and durable unlike other ordinary kitchen carts.

Factors that make the L Powell Kitchen Furniture so useful are aplenty. Ample storage space gives this piece of furniture an upper hand. You no longer have to run back and forth to fetch everything. The 2 spice racks on the sides can accommodate at least 10 spice canisters. The tough granite top is the highlight. Not only does it enhances the appearance, but also provides space for chopping veggies.

There is nothing to beat the divider organizer and knife block that comes in the L Powell Kitchen Island. Not just that, the 2 towel bars will let you keep those handy towels by your side! Pots, pans, canned tins, wine bottles, or cook books, the L Powell Kitchen Island with 3 drawers and 3 adjustable shelves allows you to store almost anything.

Even without the features, this kitchen island still manages to rank high owing to its looks. Finished in black with a natural finished top, the traditional kitchen island brings about an antique feel that is appropriate for a country style kitchen.

Don’t worry if you lack fancy storage equipment in your kitchen. Just buy the L Powell Kitchen Island from NFM and take pleasure in cooking!


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