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By | April 17, 2018

The trend for holding the poker tournaments at home is growing. Although many people still prefer to enjoy the game of hold em in a poker room, the home tournament provides the advantage of cutting back the unwanted pressure in the poker rooms.

There are many advantages of playing hold em poker tournament at home. The main advantage is that the poker rooms have the set playing cost that makes players realize that there is only a fixed amount to gamble upon and lose. This is very much appealing for the one who is just playing for fun and knows that there is a limited amount to lose. The second advantage that the new players would not feel intimidated by the older ones as they feel in the poker rooms. This help in keeping the atmosphere relaxed.

Now as we know the advantages of the hold em tournaments, we will see how to run the Texas hold em tournament.

Hold Em Tournament:

The tournament can be of two types: Limit and No Limit tournament.

Limit Tournament: If you are playing the tournament as a social event or having the newer players playing the hold em, you can prefer the limit tournament option. The single mistake in the limit tournament will only cost you a bet or two.

No Limit Tournament: You can go for a limit tournament, if you are very much familiar with the game. A single mistake in this tournament can knock you out of the game.

Tournament Rate:

You can decide for any price of the tournament the players agree to pay. You can take out extra charge for the food and soda or ask them to bring their own.

Tournament Payouts:

The payouts depend on the percentage of the total prize. Number of winners in the tournament depends on the total number of players playing the tournament. For example, if there are 10 players playing the tournament, the prize is offered to the first three members. The prize is divided in the percentage of 50%, 30% and 20% respectively for first, second and the third winner.

Starting Chips:

The players are provided with the chips for playing the tournaments. The chips are of different colors. Every color chips is assigned a particular price.


Each round lasts for 20 minutes. The total tournament lasts for 3-4 hours.

Hope that the above mentioned information on running of hold em tournament provides you the information you needed. Check out our website for more details on Poker.


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