Lithium battery into two categories: non-rechargeable and rechargeable

By | April 17, 2018

First, the lithium battery introduced

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Lithium into two categories: non-rechargeable and rechargeable. Non-rechargeable batteries as disposable batteries, it can only be a one-time chemical energy into electrical energy, electrical energy can not be restored back to chemical energy, such as lithium manganese dioxide batteries. Rechargeable batteries as secondary, which is commonly known as lithium-ion battery (LI-ion). Lithium-ion battery cathode of lithium-containing transition metal oxides, carbon anode is a material such as graphite, etc., containing lithium salt electrolyte is an organic solution. Both positive and negative cells or in the battery separator, the lithium ions in the form are to exist. Batteries at work, the lithium ion in the positive and negative electrodes and electrolyte membrane in the directional movement. When the battery is charging, the cathode of lithium ion to the electrolyte release, this process is de-embedded; negative ion from the electrolyte in the inhalation, the process is embedded. The battery discharge process and the situation is reversed, this time charging and discharging the lithium ion intercalation and deintercalation from the process as like a rocking chair swaying, it was the image of said lithium-ion battery as a “rocking chair batteries.”
Lithium-ion batteries and nickel-metal hydride battery, has many advantages. Lithium-ion

battery memory effect does not exist; the same capacity, the volume is very small; use voltage of 3.6 V, is the nickel-cadmium batteries, nickel metal hydride batteries 3 times; can be used in wide temperature range (-20 ℃ ~ 60 ℃) , and Ni-MH battery (0 ℃ ~ 50 ℃). While lithium-ion battery self-discharge rate is relatively low. Self-discharge rate refers to the period of time, do not use the battery in case of loss of power automatically percentage of total capacity. Usually at room temperature, Ni-MH battery from 25% to 35% per month, while the lithium-ion battery is only 5% to 8% per month. But lithium-ion batteries are also some people are not satisfied. Such as: lithium-ion batteries have life, usually two years, and do not use the state in the storage period of time, some of its capacity will be permanently lost. Lithium-ion battery anode material from the factory has already begun its failure in history, different temperature and battery fully charged state, its impact is different from Table 1 data (capacitance accounts for the remaining percentage of the original capacity) of column.

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Product Description
With over 15 billion Alkaline batteries made and thrown away each year - wasting resources, CO2 and creating toxic landfill - SORBO offers an eco-friendly alternative as can be re-used hundreds of times as no charge adapter or cable is needed, saving you money, hassle and waste.

Battery Capacity: 1200mAh
Fully Charged Time: 1-2 hours
Input Voltage: 5V
Input Current: 500mA
Output Voltage: 1.5V±0.2V
Output Current: 1A
Size: Φ0.55"x1.96" / Φ14.2x50mm
Weight: 0.5oz / 14g
Type: AA battery

Package Includes:
4* USB Rechargeable 1200mAH Li-ion Battery

Price: $19.99
  • ▶AA LITHIUM BATTERY - Not like Alkaline, NI-MH, NI-CD batteries, the AA Li-ion batttery features NO Memory Effect to reduce the capacity over time, longer life, more eco-friendly
  • ▶USB RECHARGEABLE BATTERIES - Whether in camping or home, you can simply charge it with single USB port. Up to 1000 cycles, no need to buy batteries frequently
  • ▶ONE HOUR CHARGING TIME - Fully charged in less than 2 hours, more efficient and energy-saving. LED indicator will turn on red when in charge, and turn green after fully charged
  • ▶1.5V / 1200MAH - Same as regular AA battery, it could be used for toys, game controller, wireless mouse, wireless keyboard, remote and so on
  • ▶SAFE & ECO & NON TOXIC - Approved by FCC CE & RoHS, the 1200mAH AA lithium batteries are gauranteed

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