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By | April 17, 2018

One of the reasons to take an online grant writing course. is that it will help you learn the skills needed to write award winning grants. Once you have gained rudimentary skills, you will need to practice, practice, and practice to improve your writing. Good writers write all the time. Another thing a writer needs in order to improve is a good editor. Have you ever noticed that when you write something and re-read your own writing that it is not so easy to catch spelling or grammatical mistakes? The reason for this is that your mind has the ability to fill in missing pieces of information that is not there. If you thought you wrote a certain word and spelled it correctly, you will see it as correct even if it isn’t. Always use the spell checker in your word processing software of course, but the spell checker will not show an error if you used the word “this” and you should have used the word “these” instead.
Having the assistance of a good editor to review your work with a trained eye will improve your writing tremendously. If you are a novice writer this is especially important. For example, we recommend using active verbs rather than passive verbs. This is especially a common problem. An example of an active verb is this sentence, “Homelessness is a serious problem in the inner cities of America.” The same sentence with a passive verb is “Homelessness is considered a serious problem in the inner cities of America.” The first sentence stresses the point more than the second one. A good editor will help you remove the use of passive verbs which have a tendency to weaken your message. The other thing a good editor will do is teach you how to write in a concise manner. It is actually more difficult to write in a concise manner than it is to do the opposite which is called being verbose. You do not want to bore your audience with endless repetition and a good editor will help you eliminate that problem in your writing.
The time an effort that you put into an online grant writing course. brings rewards in both improving your writing skills and improving your chances to win the grants you are seeking.

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