Open MRI in New York City

By | April 17, 2018

Not everyone is comfortable undergoing a traditional MRI scan, especially children and those who are claustrophobic. However, the coming of open MRI in New York City has changed all this. Patients who need to undergo a thorough or detailed scan can take advantage of the modern diagnostic modality without being apprehensive in any way.

Scan with Patient-friendly Features

Open MRI comes fully loaded with patient-friendly features. It is all the more powerful to render enhanced hi-definition images with pin-point precision allowing physicians to carry out a proper diagnosis of their patients. An open MRI can scan almost the entire body and clearly ascertain if one has any of the following medical conditions:

• Musculoskeletal disorders
• Facial/neck abnormalities
• Disorders in blood flow and blood vessel
• Disorders of the brain
• Abnormalities of the eye
• Tumor
• Infection
• Cardiac ailments
• Spinal diseases
• Abdominal diseases
• Knee and shoulder injuries

Patients who are not familiar with the technology would be glad to know that the scan is non-invasive and emits no radiation. Unlike in traditional MRI, the all new open MRI produces far less knocking sound, and as such, ear plugs are no longer needed during the procedure. If required, patients with anxiety are administered a mild sedative to help them relax. The scan results are made available on the same day making it possible to commence treatment at the earliest.

Scan with Ease and Peace of Mind

Open MRI in New York City had been long awaited by patients and physicians alike. It delivers the highest level of patient comfort. The compact design gives enough and more space to those who have a large body frame to adjust and breathe easily. Moreover, the scan time is much faster, allowing patients to return to work or home in a short time. The new age diagnostic modality is now available in well-known clinics and healthcare centers, ensuring patients complete peace of mind.

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