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By | April 17, 2018

There are supply chain experts available to solve all your problems. Some specialize in the application of new technologies, some focus on revised strategies and better management and others use tried-and-tested tools to improve efficiencies across the supply chain. Here’s some areas that are current challenges in organizations.


The outsourcing of key functions in business to low-cost countries has grown and this trend has introduced more partners and therefore more complexity into the supply chain. Raw material suppliers, service organizations and logistics sub-contractors mean more complicated processes and more “distances” that material and information must travel. Companies need to review their operating models to be more flexible and to work in a more collaborative manner so that they can fulfill customer requirements whilst benefitting from outsourcing.

Data and technology

Lack of data or errors in critical supply-chain information contribute to organizations’ inability to manage their supply chain processes effectively. Organizations need information systems that link applications across multiple partners, languages, geographies and cultures. Software collaboration tools can identify these weak links and supply chain professionals can take action to mitigate their impact. However, some of these tools come with different capabilities and degrees of difficulty in terms of implementation so often this is where expert help is needed.

Risk management

CEOs today have a new and intense focus on risk, compliance and governance and the supply chain is one key area that is under scrutiny. Increasing supplier disruptions, logistics delays, product recalls and safety issues are introducing new challenges into supply chains. Many businesses are ill-prepared to handle the rising risk levels and so external intervention from experts can provide assistance in this area.


Day-to-day operations need to carry on so innovation can sometimes take a back seat. It is more than improving technologies, training people or streamlining a process. It requires input from suppliers, internal users, business partners and customers combined with the necessary commitment from stakeholders and executive leadership.

Often ideas are sidelined or not expanded upon because people work in silos or they are just too tied up in their own sub-process in the supply chain. Taking a step back, an external view can provide insights into how to develop and harness improvement plans.

Many organizations are dealing with these challenges and new ones like sustainability and “green” issues, environmental legislation, and supplier quality. Companies can become more competitive through structured interventions by supply chain experts.

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