The Prevention Of Different Injuries In Hockey

By | April 17, 2018

Hockey is a kind of ancient ball game and one of the earliest items in the Olympic Games. It formally appears in the Olympic Games in the year 1924 with six players. Hockey enjoys great popularity and develops well in the cold areas. Hockey has high requirement to the athletic abilities of the players. The competition is featured by fast speed of transition and fierce confrontation. Due to the characteristics of hockey, many injuries happen to the hockey athletes.

The usual injuries in the hockey competition are: Trauma in the head, bruise on the head and face, Contusion on the arms and legs, injuries on the vertebrae cervicales and spine, injuries on the knee, especially the injuries on the anadesma and kneecap. Injuries on the shoulder joint, including the injuries on the tendon of shoulder and dislocation of shoulder joint. Side anadesma injuries of fingers and fracture on the hands and wrist joints, cerebral concussion of middle level or serious level, including long- term coma due to the scuffing on the skating boots.

The serious injuries could not only affect the training and competition, but it also may lead to the ending of the sport career to the athletes. Therefore, the prevention tactics is of great importance to the players. The prevention tactics of the injuries are the following points: Some of the difficulties could be prevented, while some are caused by the weak training. What’s more, the insufficient skills and improper protective tools could lead to the injuries. An authentic New York Jets jerseys is further enough. Food and enough physical strength training and stretching training of muscles are helpful to the reduction of incidence of avulsion and pulling to the sprained muscles.

The following rules are highly recommended in the prevention of injuries: The athletes must warm up before any competition and training. After the competition and training, the athletes should do sports like stretching the muscles and related coding-down exercises. Always use the helmet and mask instead of just wearing NHL jerseys wholesale to protect the body. The fact has proved that they could effectively protect and avoid the injuries. Check whether there is any stumbling block or damaged area on the ice. Check again the areas before the gate ball before the competition.

The ways we recommend to stretch the muscles are: stretching the muscles is one of the applied methods of stretching and it could effectively improve the competitive ability for the athletes. The athletes should tame take the stretching of muscles as important content of the training.

It is also a great option to turn to the sports medicine surgeons and experienced athletes for help. To the stable sport career, try your best to prevent the injuries and keep your body healthy.

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