Tracking a Cell Phone With GPS

By | April 17, 2018

With the breathtaking development of CPS technologies, a number of latest cell phones have been incorporated with GPS capabilities. By applying a sophisticated algorithm for location pinpointing, owners of GPS-embedded phones can do the tracking based on the signals of local transmission powers.


Since these mobile devices are enabled to send text messages, make calls, send e-mails and surf the internet, they can now enjoy the benefits of GPS functions particularly during emergency situations. This new set of functionality is true to both CDMA and GSM-based cell phones.


There are many ways in which a cell phone can be located using mobile phone-based GPS functionalities. Using the same satellite network and repeater triangulation algorithm, the system provides GPS-based locator services for various networks.


When cell phone features vary depending on its brand, GPS mobile phone functionalities vary depending on the service features offered by the network provider. This is because the system will locate your phone using the signals coming from the network’s transmission towers.


To perform a triangulation system of tracking, it would take about two or more transmission signal readings before a GPS-enabled phone will be located. From such feeds, the system will calculate the distance from where the signal may be coming from and work out the triangle that will fit signal strengths. This way, the third point, which is the actual location of the phone, will be determined.


With some phones, GPS transmissions will be sent when the person who has the phone has made an emergency call. This way, it will guide the police as well as the rescue people to immediately get to that location and administer aid. The accuracy of locating a cell phone via network GPS services is dependent on the strength of signals received, which could be a problem in areas like deserts, wastelands or un-populated countryside where the number radio masts is very limited.


Cell phones may also be tracked using web-based GPS applications. They also follow the same mechanisms used by their networks. To gain access to GPS technology, you need to register your phone to the website that supports, activates and runs on your phone’s platform. Fill out its agreement box and choose the download box that corresponds to your brand and model.


Later models of phones are now equipped with GPS chips. Plug in your phone to your computer and start the upload process. Set your preferences. After that, you can run a test on your phone’s GPS functions using the website’s supported electronic map format, such as Google maps.


Activating your phone’s GPS functions via web-based applications gives you the convenience of tracking your phone’s location based on the website’s up-to-date maps and points of interests.


In addition to civilians, companies are not using cell-phone GPS functions to enjoy practical solutions in enhancing the security of their employees, tracking their location especially when working in remote locations on their own. For concerned parents, this feature allowed them to keep track of their children’s location. Aside from locating phones, the additional perks of using GPS-enabled cell phones include convenience and ease in locating new restaurants, shops and other nearby points of interests.


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