Yoga and Pilates Fitness Classes – How to Choose Which is Right For You

By | April 17, 2018

If you are like many people these days, you probably spend a lot of time worrying about how you look and how to improve your physical and mental well being. While many people are unnecessarily concerned about their appearance due to pressure from society and industry, there is nothing wrong with being concerned about your health and wanting to improve your activities so that you can achieve total overall wellness. Both yoga and Pilate’s fitness classes have become increasingly popular in recent years as methods for achieving strength and slimness, however some people are unsure about the difference between these two methods and how they should choose the one that’s right for them.

The first thing that you should know about the differences between yoga and Pilates is that they are more philosophical differences than physical, as both of these gentle methods of exercise are designed to build strength in the core of the body and improve overall flexibility. As you may or may not know, yoga is an Eastern modality of exercise that is based upon the idea that stiffness, stress and muscle tension inhibits the flow of vital energy throughout the body. This blockage can eventually cause both mental and physical pain for people. Personal fitness trainers that recommend yoga know that their trainees can benefit from the stretching and bending poses of yoga.

Unlike yoga, which focuses first and foremost on mental conditioning and using the mind to control the energy that flows through the body, Pilates is a method of physical conditioning that has long been celebrated by dancers as well as many other individual in the fitness community that desire body awareness and core strength. Yoga, which depends on simply a mat and a willing participant to practice it, is quite a bit simpler than Pilates which requires a series of unusual looking apparatuses to help position and strengthen the body.

If you and your exercise partners are looking for a low impact way to sculpt and tone your body while improving flexibility and quieting your mind, then exploring the Eastern modalities of yoga might be the new practice that you’re looking for. If you are looking for intense physical conditioning that will help you to develop core strength and body awareness, then it might be worth your while to try out a Pilate’s class for a little while. Many of the studios that specialize in these modalities will offer both types.

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