Acupuncture Needles Can Be Your Friends

By | April 24, 2018


Are you in constant pain? Have traditional medical treatments left you in a worse condition? Acupuncture may be a method that can help your current condition. This type of treatment has been in existence for over 1500 years. Many acupuncture specialists in Asia and America have used it to help a vast amount of conditions. The words contained below should help you to see what you can expect if you decide to go to an Acupuncture expert.

Be prepared to answer questions

When you initially go to an office for treatment, you will need to answer a number of questions about your health. These questions are there to aid the medical professional in their plan of action. The doctors want to know where to put the needles that they will be using. Knowing the answers to these crucial questions can provide them with the information they need to insert the needles in the correct places.

How big are the needles?

You may be quite surprised to find out that the needles are very small. As a matter of fact, the needle that most Acupuncturists employ is about 1 inch long. They are not painful to you in any way. Often, these needles use a small amount of electrical current as well. Most people who undergo treatments can choose to fall asleep while they are being treated because it is a stimulating experience.

How long will I have to go?

The answer to this question will depend on your particular situation. Generally, it depends on the severity of your condition. The longer you have had your ailment, the longer you will need treatment. As a rule of thumb, you can use the rule of 1 month per year.

What else do I need?

In addition to the relief you may obtain from your visits to the Acupuncturist, you will also be presented with homework to complete outside of your office visits. This homework is meant to help your body get back into better physical condition. It may include things such as swimming, walking and other helpful exercises.

In closing, there are many pros to receiving acupuncture treatments. It is normally pain-free, thorough, and a viable way to get the much needed pain relief that you deserve.

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Oklahoma City Chiropractic Physicians Drs. Michael and Milly are board eligible chiropractic internists. They have advanced training in clinical signs and symptoms of internal disorders as well as advanced training in laboratory diagnostic techniques and interpretation. Their focus is on restoring health and vitality utilizing orthodox laboratory diagnostic testing and the latest in proven, drug-free alternative medicines. Back pain and musculoskeletal issues are generally a sign that something is not right with in your body. Drs. Michael and Milly Cox offer a holistic approach to health care.

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