Smile! You’re On Camera!

By | April 24, 2018

We all know that person who ducks for cover every time a camera comes out.  Maybe you even arethat person.  With the explosion of social media and online communities, it is getting harder and harder to not have a flattering headshot.  There just seems to be more and more call for using one for both professional and personal pursuits.  To stop hiding behind avatars of flowers or your children, follow these simple tips:


1. Decide that you should have an attractive headshot for no other reason than you deserve it. There’s a reason why makeover shows often culminate in photo shoots.  It’s remarkable how seeing yourself reflected can shape your self-image and self-confidence.  If you haven’t had a professional photo taken since high school, you might be surprised at how it makes you feel.

2.  Tear our pictures of pictures that appeal to you.  Maybe it’s the lighting, maybe it’s the makeup.  Maybe it’s the fact that they’re outdoors and look happy.  Don’t try to figure it out – just hang on to them and keep them in a file.  When you’re ready, you and your photographer will use them to help arrange a shoot that is likely to give you the results you want.


3.  Pick a photographer whose work you like. To find one, call up some local modeling agencies and ask them who they recommend.  Many photographers offer basic packages and clearly spell out how many looks and images you’ll receive for what price.  Often a professional makeup artist and hair service is included.


4.  Make the most of the shoot.  Play music, wear your favorite clothes, bring friends or no one, whatever it takes to make you feel happy and comfortable.  Schedule enough time so that you don’t feel rushed.  If you’re really stretching outside your comfort zone, schedule a celebration drink with friends afterwards.


5.  Use your resulting images widely – Post them on your social media accounts, use them in your marketing and public relations, have them on your website, as avatars in comments you post to blogs and maybe even on your business card.  Your headshot is one more way for people to connect with you and feel comfortable with you.  Enjoy having one that you’re proud of.

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