Advantages of Stored Procedure

By | April 25, 2018

What is stored procedure? It is a subroutine; codes that help make a program perform certain tasks, but are independent of the other codes of the program. It is used in relational database systems which are systems that relates, matches, and groups information to already existing organized data in the system that are easy for laypeople to understand. So, what is stored procedure able to bring to the table?


First, as it is an independent set of codes that do not affect the other codes in the network, its network usage is not much. To further elaborate, a set of codes that are interdependent with each other in a network, for example, code A and code B, would require both codes in the network to be active for use. However, stored procedures work in a way where only one code is needed to perform a task, hence, less activation of codes within the network. This also enhances the hardware or software where the stored procedures are used since less disk space is used on the server.


Second, when database privileges have stored procedures using static SQL, the security of the program can be improved by the database administrator. This means that only the database administrator can set who can make edits or access to certain parts of the program, which are database privileges. Usually, the users of the client applications will not need that database privilege; otherwise things may get chaotic should inconsistency occur.


Lastly, because many tasks are constantly repeated when using database applications, the act of doing things repeatedly would use codes over and over again. With static stored procedures used with static SQL, the codes do not need to be regenerated again and again, but instead, just taken the codes out of memory. This way, less server space is used, while improving reliability of the codes to be used exactly the way it is stored.

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