Cambridge Diet Review

By | April 25, 2018

The Cambridge Diet is a drink-based diet made popular in the 80s in the UK. Founded on the VLCD diet, otherwise recognised as the Very Low Calorie Diet, the Cambridge Diet merges low calorie drinks, soups, and dinner replacement bars in their total diet program. Most of the dieter’s kcals are acquired through liquid shakes, and the diet is kept going until the dieter meets his or her fat loss target weight.

Throughout the weight loss period dieters consume between 400-800 calories each day.

The Cambridge Diet is started with the aid of a diet counselor, who will choose if this is an suitable diet for your needs. From there, you will want to obtain dinner replacement shakes and bars, which normally range between £10 to approximately £30.00 per package.

It is founded off the starvation diet, which focuses on extreme calorie restriction combined with vitamin fortified liquid shakes to enhance fat loss. Most physicians do not endorse the starvation diet or the Cambridge Diet due to the lack of complete whole foods and side effects related to very low calorie intake. Patients frequently burn less than 800 kcals per day and most medical professionals advise eating at least 1200 kcals for any diet.

The Cambridge Diet is based on the effects of ketosis to boost fat loss. Ketosis happens when the body does not receive the minimum amount of kcals or nourishment to work optimally. The body uses its fat reserves to burn off additional weight as a survival mechanism. Whilst ketosis can help you lose fat, it also leads to loss of muscle mass which is important for keeping the metabolism in check. It is therefore viewed as unhealthy by the medical community.

This Diet is exceedingly risky according to diet experts. Extreme calorie restriction is a fixed source of controversy, with many people experiencing a plethora unwanted side effects. Individuals who embark on this diet should be in great fitness both mentally and physically.

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