Examples Of Pedestrians Severely Injured In A Marked Crosswalk

By | April 25, 2018

Crosswalks should offer a safe area for pedestrians. They are meant to give pedestrians a definite right of way. They should signal to drivers a region of the road where they ought to use caution. They are usually clearly marked. They are frequently governed by traffic signs or light signals. Yet they fall short of guaranteeing pedestrians a safe location to cross a street. It is not unusual for lawyers who help victims of motor vehicle accidents to be approached by pedestrians struck by a motor vehicle while in a marked crosswalk. When an automobile accident deals with a pedestrian the injuries are oftentimes significant and have devastating and irreversible effects. Think about the following cases.

Case 1: In this case a bus struck a pedestrian while she was crossing the street in a crosswalk. The pedestrian was a fifty year old female on her way to buy her grandchildren some gifts. She was pushing a shopping cart as she was going to the store. The bus struck her and then kept going, running her over. The bus driver failed to even realize she had hit a shopping cart and had run over the pedestrian until passengers in the bus started shouting for her to stop the bus. The victim sustained a number of fractures. She had rib fractures. She had pelvic fractures. She had a spinal fracture. She will require hip replacement surgery for her hip fracture injury. The law firm that handled this lawsuit documented that they procured a settlement of $ 1,250,000 on behalf of the victim.

Case 2: This matter concerned the driver of a rental car who was speeding in a high traffic area of a large urban city. There were a lot of pedestrians in the region. He ran a red light and hit a van. The force of the impact forced the van onto the crosswalk while a twenty five year old man was crossing the street at the crosswalk. As a result of the accident, the man suffered a thoracic level spinal cord dislocation resulting in full paralyzes from the chest down.

The law firm that represented the pedestrian initiated a lawsuit against both the driver and the company that rented the car to the driver. The matter went to trial with a judge upholding $ 20.3 million of the more substantial amount awarded by the jury. This sum was intended to cover medical expenses (for the amount incurred up to the trial and for the amount for the care he will need in the future), the pedestrians loss of earning capacity, and past and future pain and suffering.

Case 3: In this instance the report mentioned that as a school bus made a left hand turn the driver did not yield the right of way to a pedestrian. The bus ran over and pinned the pedestrians foot. At the time of the accident the pedestrian, a female, aged fifty four, was in a designated crosswalk walking over to the other side of the intersection. The driver of the bus was oblivious to what had happened. It took the efforts of witnesses getting the drivers attention and getting the driver to go into reverse so that the wheel of the bus would release the pedestrians foot. The pedestrian suffered various major injuries to her foot and leg. She had to have multiple surgeries in order to try to save her leg. In the end, though, she lost her leg as she required a below the knee amputation. Following the amputation she suffered from repetitive phantom pain. The law firm that handled the matter documented that the case went to trial and the jury awarded the victim $ 5,900,000.

The claim above show that many them take place in places with significant pedestrian traffic. The vehicles can be cars, buses, even trucks. The victims can be young, middle aged or elderly. They can be male and they can be female.

The claim, however, do tend to share a number of things in common. First, crosswalks are no guarantee of safety. Drivers are easily distracted. In the first lawsuit above the driver failed to even comprehend that she had caused an accident and had run over a person. In the second case the driver was speeding and went right through a red light. In the third case witnesses had to get the driver to back up so that as to release the pedestrians foot pinned under the vehicle. Victims of pedestrian injuries of the type highlighted in these cases should seek out the assistance of a highly skilled and experienced motor vehicle accident lawyer.

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