iPhone – still ahead of its clones

By | April 25, 2018

Quite some time back, probably about a decade ago, there was a barrage of handheld devices, all of which were designed to manage your personal information in a digital format. Personal Digital Assistants or PDAs (as they were very fondly referred to) could hold all details about your friends, colleagues, superiors, professors, clients, suppliers, etc. Calendar events, To Do tasks list, personal short notes, reminders such as birthday’s anniversaries, etc. were paid more attention to than ever before. Ever since, gadgets have changed the way we communicate with our peers and colleagues, and stay in touch with our family and friends.

Just when things were cooling off, Apple spearheaded the market with an amazing device — the Apple iPhone. It’s simply amazing! Can you imagine? An all-in-one gadget that is not only your personal information manager, but also a replacement for your laptop (Yes! It is!), a high-definition video and images recorder (the Apple iPhone 3Gs and 4G models), a complete media player for music and movies, a remote control or remote access tool for your laptop or desktop — be it a Mac or any other PC. And, it is also a mobile cell phone! What more does one want? Oh, the newer generation iPhone Smartphones are also 3G network-ready, making for blazing internet access speeds for surfing the Internet, checking emails and even downloading attachments along with staying in touch with everyone else on FaceBook and Twitter. Moreover, one cannot even think of comparing the iTunes App Store where tons of applications for the Apple iPhone are available; many free, many paid ones. And, not one of them fails to capture your fancy. In fact, a particular app monitors your heart beat and pulse rate, while another works as a doctor’s stethoscope! No wonder, the Apple iPhone has caught the fascination of doctors from around the world!

Last but definitely not the least; you can play the latest and most amazing game titles on this dainty little device! Yes, games. And, boy oh boy, are there titles for the iPhone – the number of available titles are exceptionally huge! Now, which phone out there in the market can match up to the one that started it all? There are many, based on various different operating systems and from various other popular mobile phone brands.  However, not every other cell phone based on say, Windows or Android, or Symbian provides all of what one gets to experience on the superior Apple iPhone Smartphone.

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