Lemon Pepper Detox Alternative Recipe

By | April 25, 2018

Recalling Jean Sheppard’s immortal line, “My father wove a tapestry of profanities which still hangs over Lake Michigan,” discouraged and disgruntled lemon pepper detox dieters often spin-out vile tapestries of their own, volubly complaining about how the taste and smell of standard lemon-pepper cleansing beverages render the cure worse than the disease. Even the most ardent proponents and fervent fans of “No pain, no gain” often draw the line at the traditional lemon pepper detox dietary drink. That being said there are also scores of those who actually like the taste.

As nutritional science has caught-up with conventional wisdom and common practice, however, researchers have found myriad ways to improve on the recipe without diminishing its effects. Carefully analyzing the chemistry and function of each ingredient in the traditional mix of lemonade, cayenne pepper, green tea, and organic maple syrup, nutritionists and naturopaths have found good-tasting alternatives to the legendary recipe.

Reformulating, the original lemon pepper detox recipe fifty years after its debut, post-modern naturopaths and homeopaths, frequently have boosted its benefits as they have also changed the formula’s flavor. The secret lies in reconciling the flavor contradictions in the original lemon pepper formula without forfeiting any of its healing and strengthening properties. Because each ingredient in the original lemon pepper decoction plays a vital role in cleansing, healing, and strengthening the body’s vital organs and systems, no reasonable modification allows omission of an essential active ingredient. And, among all the powerful agents in the original burn-your-mouth and bite-your-tongue mixture, cayenne pepper remains most vital. Although some experts suggest simple addition of capsaicin powder to the dietary mix delivers most of the benefits without the burn, purists insist, probably correctly, that the burn counts as much as the pain relief and tumor-fighting power of capsaicin alone.

In the best reformulations, therefore, New Age detox mixologists steadfastly refuse to abandon cayenne peppers. Consider it a motto or mantra: Red hot chili peppers rock. Accept no substitutes. Insisting on cayenne, however, twenty-first century cleanse-mixers raise three vital questions: (1) what antioxidant juice blends well with red hot chili peppers? (2)How will we include complex carbohydrates in the mix, replacing maple syrup without giving-up syrup’s long-lasting energy-boost? And (3) can we keep green tea for its antioxidants and tannins?

Answering the first question poses little difficulty. A relative of the apple, the tomato has lots of antioxidants; obviously, the relative of and frequent co-conspirator with the lemon, the lime shares its relatively low glycemic index and pH-altering capacity. Therefore, mix your detox beverage with lime-laced tomato juice, keeping the cayenne, and discover the healthy version of the “Bloody Mary.” Transforms your daily dread to delight, reminding you of elegant brunch instead of sunrise surrender.

Answer the third question simply “yes,” because green tea has very little flavor and mixes nicely with your tomato-lime with cayenne beverage.

The second question poses greatest difficulty, because anything sweet will wreck the deliciously savory taste of your cleansing beverage, but you need an ingredient that will supply slow-metabolizing, long-lasting energy. When fruits fail, vegetables rise to the occasion: Hello, beets and radishes. Rich in vitamins and minerals and especially useful for curbing your appetite by making you feel comfortably full, beets and radishes supply exactly the complex carbohydrates your dietary beverage requires for complete nutrition. No, they do not exactly “juice” and glide effortlessly through a straw; but properly pureed and mixed with your tomato-green tea blend, fresh radishes and beets give your daily detox drink a slushy’s consistency, adding a little sweetness and tang, and delivering all the natural sugar you need. This is a modern variation of the traditional lemon pepper detox.

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