One Of Ice Hockey’s Crazy Charms, Fighting

By | April 25, 2018

Ice hockey is one of most existing team games in the world, of course, it is also the fastest sport. New, ice hockey in Europe, America and Canada is pretty popular. This crazy sport is collected with technology, balance and physical strength which is a kind of high-speed sport even and full of collision. While the another reason why ice hockey is such attractive is to fight, I’m afraid.
Players fighting in the games is very normal, and this is one of parts in the ice hockey sport, all of player get used to it, and audiences also like to watch. Actually, most of ice hockey games will have players to fight, if it is an insipid game, people still will feel there are something may be lost.
Just from games to see, it is because of ice hockey has speed, technology and collision, it can make so many people be fascinated with it. And fighting in other sports is unlawful, you even will be ordered off the field, but it in ice hockey is legal.
Ice hockey is a kind of high-speed and drastic sport, and between players will often happen drastic collision and confrontation, so that it is very easy to happen conflict and both player will start to fight. At this time, judgment generally won’t stop fighting immediately, but to kick away hockey equipment on the field for giving them a good space to fight, which is a kind of way to relieve stress in fact. But fighting also is limited, both sides can’t use foot to kick other people, and can’t use club, they must have only empty hands and wear with hockey protective gear. Once one side is down, or has no any power to strike back, judgment will try to stop them from fighting each other. Then they will be spanked with 50 times, which is based on situation is light or serious to give small punishment or big punishment.
So, ice hockey is also an extremely dangerous sport, players must wear a lot of hockey protective gears. Even so, they are also hard to avoid to be hurt. So, many people said ice hockey is pretty violent, but this is also one of ice hockey’s charms.

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