Pros, Cons, and Misconceptions About the National Health Care Bill

By | April 25, 2018

This week turned out to be a very tough week for Congress, as well as many Americans. The health care debate seemed to have escalated from Coast to Coast. On Capitol Hill for instance a Swastika drawn with some cheap spray paint was painted on Congressman David Scott’s suite site.

The goal now in Washington is to clear up any and all misconceptions regarding this matter. With that, the pros and cons of medical coverage are being currently discussed, and reported about.

National Health Care Pros

Nationalization of health care would provide everyone with some level of assistance. This will for one help them to afford a doctor and they would be able to obtain physicals, afford prescriptions, etc. They would have access to services they other would not be able to afford.

Patients receiving medical coverage also receive additional help in the event of a problematic injury or illness. It would also assist people who have a very low income but yet work hard acquire the help they require.

For instance, perhaps right now they are stress out about not being able to afford prescription drugs or frustrated that they cannot afford to pay a dentist to operate on their teeth. It would provide relief to families fighting to make ends meet. People would also be protected in the event of an accident.

People who do not have children would also for the first time be awarded health care. It would also be beneficial to single people who right now are uninsured just because they do not have children. In any case, many Americans see mnationwide policies any reasons not to want to see everyone receive services.

National Health Care Cons

Oftentimes offered medical policies raise new issues. For example, it in the long run could make it tougher for people to find high quality services. Furthermore, making a federal issue out of health care also strips the power away from state and local governments.

They will be required to obey orders passed down from Washington regarding this issue whether they like it or not. Oftentimes various rules and regulations are imposed on people who are granted national health care. For example, they may no longer be able to freely choose a doctor or other practitioner.

In extreme cases, people will be informed that if they do not go to the doctor that is listed on their health plan then they would go to jail. Doctors could also in this exaggerated instance be affected, and could perhaps face jail time if they do not abide by the rules set in place. So what happens if the person is out of the state or country?? What if they are traveling?

Another major factor that works against nationalization of any government program is privacy. Once again you probably will have to account to the government who seems to record your every move already as it is. (I.E. you might have to report when you are traveling in the event you may need absentee health services.)

The cases against nationalizing health care are not necessarily based on reality, but could be. The likelihood that medical provision could have a negative effect on American is based on the exact nature of a specific bill that would be passed as law.

The most critical case against this type of government-sponsored help is in all likelihood how it could have a detrimental effect on our life politically-that America might give the government one more bit of themselves that they will never be able to get back. No matter what, American citizens are advised to keep watch.

Misconceptions and Concerns Many people were scared in our country this week, and probably rightfully so. People both for and against the nationalization of health care spoke up and expressed their concerns, but of course this is a very personal matter.

The most personal issue of all that was brought up this week was that pertaining senior citizens. The fear was that the American people would be required to “pull the plug on Grandma” as one news source said. Another news source had mentioned, however, that this was false.

There would be this option but that seniors would not be required to use this service. This of course still seems to make many American people nervous. Therefore, they are continuing to speak up about this issue any chance they can get.

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