Ps3 Consoles – Good But Can Be Better

By | April 25, 2018

I have been using one since July 2009 and I would like to say a few things about it. PS3 Consoles is a supposedly very advance computer. It could be an awesome media center instead of just being a game console. However, at its current state, it is like a V8 engine running only on 4 cylinders. Partly, this is because it is not being optimized to do anything else but play games and watch video. The internet browser is terrible. It is slow.

Worse, it can hang if you go to certain sites where its browser does not support. It also hangs sometimes, while transitioning in a game, and after watching a dvd or blu ray. This is especially annoying because I use it mainly to watch bd and dvd. I’m not sure why it does that but I hope future firmware updates will fix these issues. Otherwise, the quality of the video playback from blu ray, dvd or game, is simply fantastic.

PS3 Consoles So Power

I recently purchase the PS3 Consoles and it is so powerful. I like the design and color of the PS3 Consoles. It’s like a computer or a laptop built for gaming and other fun stuff. It is kind of big and little heavy because it is so packed and it has the built in ac adapter, which makes it neat unlike the big chuck on the xbox 360. I don’t have a hdmi cable for the hi-def is something I’m planning on getting. The free ps network is awesome. I was amazed that a console has built in wi-fi because I’ve never had it before. I love the wireless controller and the blue-ray player.

It is on the exspensive side, however you get your moneys worth. I’m sad that it does not have backward compatiability with ps2, however it can still play some ps1 games although I haven’t tried. I stayed away from xbox 360 cuz of all the red ring of fire issues. I thought about the wii but it just wasn’t as power as the ps3. I’m going to get a Wii pretty soon. I just hope I have time play with my PS3 Consoles with school and work.

The part that I didn’t like was the controller and the sixaxis. What was the point of the sixaxis if sony wasn’t going to use it or if developers weren’t going to use it? I think motion sensing is the future and sony really should’ve thought about this more. If Nintendo can do it than so can Sony. Sizaxis is very limited and I would like to see more use of it.

In all, a great and powerful console. I can’t wait until developers begin to tap into the power of the PS3 Consoles. I hope the motion sensing controllers that sony is coming out with in 2010 will blow away wii and xbox.

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