Short Summary Of Jane Eyre Novel In Order To Write Jane Eyre Essay

By | April 25, 2018

Given below is a quick rundown of the novel Jane Eyre summary if you don’t want to or don’t have time to read the Jane Eyre novel to write Jane Eyre essay.

Jane Eyre was a very little and cute ten year girl who used to live with her aunty and cousin where she had to face their hatred every second. They didn’t lose any chance of abusing her and making her feel that she posses the inferior position among them. The only escape from her miseries was when she used to have long and long discussion with her servant Bessie who used to entertain her by telling her different stories and singing songs.

One day, when as usual her cousin was abusing her she started fighting with him, due to this reason she was imprisoned by her aunty, Mrs. Reed into a read room where Mr. Reed took his last breadth. She was so scared in the room that she fainted. After some days she was sent to Lowood School that was very far from her home at Gates Head.

When she was going through some inspection in her school she was punished to stand on the stool in front of her class mates. Her teacher Mr.Brocklehurst accused her that she is a liar and abused her in front of whole class. Miss temple feel the injustice that was being done to  Jane so she decided to write a letter to Mr.Lloyd to clarify the status of Jane’s nature, after this embarrassing incident, Jane decided to concentrate only on her studies and nothing else.

After finishing her school, she was posted on the position of governess at Thorn Field Manor where she started teaching a French girl Adele. There he met Edward Rochester and she fell in love with him on the next immediate second, although Jane was convinced that she won’t the return love from him because there was another beautiful girl in town, Blanche Ingram. But to her amazement she was offered marriage from Mr.Rochestor but after sometime she found that he was already married with Bertha so she decided to leave Thorns field.

The Rivers family, including St.Jhon, Mary and Dian took her to their place that is famous by the name of Moor house; during her stay at the moor house she found out one day that she has inherited 20,000 pounds from her father John Eyre.

After some weeks, Jane found out that Bertha in full anger burnt Thorns Field who also died in the fire while Mr. Rochester lost his eyesight and a hand. She searched from him and married him. In the end on the novel, Jane told the readers that she and Mr. Rochester are married for ten years now.

Therefore, if you have been assigned to write Jane Eyre essays and the problem is that you haven’t read the novel yet and you hate reading the novels as well, and then go through the above told rundown to have an idea what was the novel all about and write good essay on Jane Eyre.

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