Stereolithography Making Better Models

By | April 25, 2018

Making models is business as usual for manufacturers. As they develop new products and test out their designs, it becomes necessary to build models and prototypes of these designs to see whether or not they are feasible. For many companies, there are two main ways to get these models made quickly, accurately, and affordable. Stereolithography and silicon molding are two of the best ways to get the models they need in a short amount of time. Because these methods are so fast and accurate, they can often be used to shorten the time that it takes to perfect a design and get it out into production.

Stereolithography uses 3D printers that work off of CAD (computer-aided design) files to create accurate models of designs in resin. You can decide on the level of accuracy that you would like your model to have, although higher-resolution models require more time to make. But the upside of making higher resolution models is that, if the design is approved, you can use silicon molding to create copies of the model or even use the models, made out of thin layers of resin, to begin casting actual parts so that you can get a head start on production.

Silicon molding aids the process of stereolithography by allowing you to make quick molds of your prototype. You can even make a mold of your original and compare the two. By making a silicone mold of your resin model, you can make copies of your model more quickly than it would take to make another by stereolithography. Using silicon molds can save you lots of time by not only cutting the time it takes to create a model, but also by allowing you to get them to the people who need them faster, so that you can speed up the approval and production process.

Using stereolithography and silicon molding to create models of your designs is a great way to take an idea and make it tangible. Having a physical rendering of your design can make it really come alive, and helps people to visualize the future of your product. Being able to create models in this way is key to making sure that your entire development staff understands what you are trying to achieve so that your company is unified in their vision for a particular product. By making a model, you are getting one step closer to making your product a reality.

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