The Benefits of Buying Wooden Kids Toys

By | April 25, 2018

Selecting wooden kid’s toys instead of plastic is becoming a popular choice among parents today for several reasons including the fact that they are environmentally friendly as well as a safer alternative to many of the plastic toys. Many manufacturers have responded to this growing demand for all natural wood toys by increasing production and creating a wide variety for both toddlers and older children of fun toys as well as puzzles and games.  In this guide on wooden kid’s toys, you will learn about the benefits of toys made of all natural materials as well as the most popular wooden toys available today.

The Detrimental Effects of Plastic Toys

While there are plastic toys available which are made of alternative types of plastics that are considered safer, these are typically hard to find and considerably more expensive than the majority of plastic toys which are imported from Asia and are made utilizing PVC or polyvinyl chloride. PVC contains a chemical called phthalates which is known to be a potential health hazard causing kidney and liver failure as well as issues affecting the reproductive system and, as a result, has resulted in many toys being recalled throughout the years. Plastic toys are also harmful to the environment as they are typically difficult to recycle and usually end up in a landfill where they will never biodegrade.

Selecting Wood Toys for your Child

Wood toys make an excellent choice for children as not only do they protect their health but also their future by protecting the environment from the damage incurred by the manufacturing and disposal of plastics. As consumer demand grows for environmentally friendly and safer toys, manufacturers have responded by designing a variety wooden kids toys for all ages and to match any child’s interests also keeping education in mind.  Wooden pull toys and building blocks made of non-toxic and colorful materials are great for younger children and allow them to use their creativity while at the same time teaching them skills such as hand-eye coordination, cognitive skills, and identification of colors, shapes, and sizes.

Wooden pretend play toys are also manufactured today including play kitchen sets with food, tool sets, lawnmowers, and furniture. Jig-saw puzzles made of wood are also available including those designed to become certain shapes when finished such as animals. Board games made of wood are an excellent choice for older children and include games such as checkers, chess, cribbage, tic-tac-toe, and Aggravation.  Play furniture made of wood is not only fun for children, but also enhances the decor of any child’s room or nursery and comes in creative styles such as collapsible beach chairs, trestle tables, rocking chairs, and cradles. Wooden banks for children also add to the decor of a child’s room and are a fun way of teaching them the valuable lesson of saving money. As you can see, purchasing wood toys is a wise choice for many reasons including that they are environmentally friendly, safer for your children, educational, and provide hours of fun. High quality traditional wooden kid’s toys also make a great and welcomed gift that can be passed down for generations.


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