The HTC Wildfire Is A Competitively Priced Yet Feature Rich Smartphone

By | April 25, 2018


The HTC Wildfire is a welcome addition to the manufacturer’s range of Android smartphones. It is much more affordable than many of its rivals with similar specs, no doubt contributing to its considerable popularity.

The handset looks great. It is surprisingly compact and lightweight, and sure to suit all tastes with several colour options. Even though it is not unibody as the HTC Desire HD or Nexus One, it feels similarly sturdy and durable. You have a nice volume control on the left side together with a micro-USB port.

The phone is powered by Android 2.1 with the highly customisable HTC Sense UI with all its bells and whistles, from Leap to FriendStream, from built in Flash [Lite] to a redesigned keyboard. Live wallpapers are sadly disabled, but seeing Wildfire as the entry-level tool (for lack of a better description) it is, this is hardly a surprise.

What you lose here, you gain there: it easily lasts a full day on the battery’s side. Usage of 3G, listening to music tracks, internet browsing and social networking, camera usage and of course phonecalls are all in a days work for the HTC Wildfire, but it handles these tasks efficiently. It supports a range of audio file formats, has stereo Bluetooth audio with built in FM capabilities, giving you a decent audio experience. The music player is intuitive and solid, and performs as expected. The gallery app is on hand to display pictures, and again handles the task with ease.

HTC provides one of the best keyboard applications for Android – say the community and one can’t but agree with them. In this case, HTC realised that the CPU of the phone won’t be as strong as in top-notch flagship models and did a small revision on the keyboard. They put the hide keyboard key away, this way giving more space for the spacebar, giving you a more comfortable messaging experience.

The camera is decent, operating at 5 megapixels, meaning the resulting still images are of superb quality. For indoor and outdoor images, the camera is good enough, operating with no problems. Naturally, the camera also boasts the ability to shoot video footage, and comes with the geo-tagging function, operating courtesy of GPS.

All in all, the HTC Wildfire will handle most tasks you can throw at it. Whilst it is not at the top of the smartphone scale, it’s affordability with surprising functionality puts smartphone technology within the reach of the masses. It is available in a number of colour variants, meaning that aesthetics are not sacrificed to make it affordable.


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