Visualization – A Key Component in the Law of Attraction

By | April 25, 2018

The Law of Attraction tells us we attract what we think about. If we spend our time thinking about bad or negative things, we tend to attract more bad and negative things. If we focus on and think about positive things, we will attract more of these things. It is all about being in tune with what we want. A key to taking maximum advantage of this law is the use of visualization.

So what exactly is visualization? It is the practice of seeing (and feeling, tasting, hearing) in your mind’s eye exactly what it is that you want. In other words, it is visualizing what you wish to attract. Daydreaming and imagination can be considered forms of visualization, but these are generally less focused than what is needed to manifest what we desire in life.

By focusing specifically on what you want, you can literally bring it into reality. Everything ever produced started with a thought. The stronger the thoughts, and the more frequently they occur, the more likely that the object of these thoughts will be created. This can work for you or against you, since spending time on strong negative thoughts will produce strong negative effects.

Visualization is a way of focusing our thoughts on the things we want rather than the things we don’t want. Yet it is more than just thinking “I want more money,” or “I want to be thin,” etc. We need to try to fully experience these things in our mind.

This means using our imagination to incorporate as many of our senses as possible into the visualization. For example, let’s suppose you desire a new couch. (Don’t worry about whether this example sounds silly or not, this is only an example.) To manifest this new couch, we need to do more than simply think “I want a new couch.” We need to experience it.

We may begin by seeing an image of the couch we want in our mind. We sou try to see the details, the color, the shape, the number of cushions and so on. We should imagine every detail possible. Then we want to imagine how it would feel. The texture of the cushions, how hard or soft it is, temperature of the material against our back. We would imagine the smell of the leather or fabric. We would hear what sound was made as we ran our hand over it. The more senses we bring in, the more vivid the imagination, the better.

Another extremely important consideration is the emotional component, in other words, how we would feel emotionally by having this new couch. We would need to feel the pleasure at looking at the new couch in our living room, imagine the relaxation as we sit into it, feel the joy of sitting there with our family and friends. Get the idea?

This emotional aspect is very important, perhaps the most important of all. Without the emotions, it is just another daydream. There is nothing wrong with daydreaming, a sit can be a very useful exercise and can relieve stress, but it is not the same as visualization.

One more point is important to mention. We need to experience this in the here and now. It does not help to imagine “how the couch will look when we get it,” as that is a future condition. Visualizing it that way tends to keep it in the future. Instead, we want to see and feel and smell it as it is NOW in our living room. See the difference?

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