What Is The Meaning Of Job Involvement?

By | April 25, 2018

Being involved in a job is more than your regular 9 to 5 job sitting at your desk everyday and then getting your salary at the end of the week (or month). Involvement can be surely replaced by dedication here. Job involvement is more than working and requires sincerity and dedication for your job.

Involvement Re-Defined!

How do you define success? This question may seem out of context here but it is NOT! How involved youre with your job depends on how you answer this question. If you had a vague answer like money = success, then you need to be more clear and specific in your definition of a job.

Those who measure success by money are often those who do not rise to levels that wouldnt have otherwise been a barrier for them. All the successful people that we see around are role models and they have left behind a hint for us to grab and follow. So how do they define job involvement?

Dedication: People who are successful today define their success on the level of satisfaction. True enough, you might be earning in thousands of dollars, but if youre not satisfied with your job you wont be able to rise. Total dedication to your work is required and that equals job involvement. It is about how serious about your work and getting it done.

Sincerity: Many of us would confuse dedication and sincerity and tag them as the same. But this is not so your dedication stems from the sincerity you show at work. You might have a dream job, but the sincerity with which youre doing it defines your job involvement more than dedication itself. Dedication is therefore an offshoot of sincerity.

Working Smart but not Hard: The call of the day is well defined in the 5 words that make up the bulleted point! Hard work can take you places but smart working can take you places faster than youd thought! Two men cutting are might be working; one of them puts in more effort and time in cutting trees but at the end of the day, his output is less than the other person? Why? One common and obvious answer would be that the man getting done more in a shorter time has a sharper axe! So you see what is meant by working smart?

Money Comes Last: Money is no doubt a motivational factor but money is not everything. For most of the successful people, job involvement defines the satisfaction they get from work and vice-versa. When starting a job, money keeps you going but once youre too involved with the job, it takes a back seat and your involvement becomes the priority. No wonder, specialists are held in so high regard! Finding a job is easy but finding an involving job is even more difficult. Even if you do not find a job that interests you; if youre involved in it, youll get through. Work involvement requires little inspiration and lot of perspiration!

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