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Looking Back: 70 Years Of The 20th Century Book About Reading – Books And Reading – Printing

Book shortage: a national study of red Because almost be unprecedented?? “Cultural Revolution” destroyed the role of the early 70s in the 20th century, the Chinese rich reading life went downhill. From Writer recalled this special time, said: “In all the media criticism of the ‘poisonous’ more and more, the library shelves tired of cleaning… Read More »

Interesting Story About Ray Ban Sunglasses

There is an interesting story about the birth of Ray Ban sunglasses. In 1923,an Air Force Lieutenant of American met with the trouble brought by strong sunlight when driving a small plane across the Atlantic. After going back to base, he suffered from nausea, headache, and dizziness. Therefore, in 1930, Bausch & Lomb developed the… Read More »

Looking For Funny Boxer Shorts

For some reason, many people today do not know about funny boxer shorts being available for purchase online and at that gag and gift shops in shopping malls across the nation. When they think of the boxer short, we think of them to be used by men and men only. Times have changed and funny… Read More »

Exercises For Writers

As a writer, you should take some excercises to keep your circulation going and so that you can be a writer for a very long time. If not, you maybe have to face up with lots of medical troubles. That’s why it’s important to get up and move around if you’re used to sitting for… Read More »

Kids Care Tips

1. First of all, it is important for you to choose the right area where you can put a bookshelf for your needs. In this case, you must select the safe location so you can keep the books from something bad that can happen such as getting damaged. 2. After borrowing some books from the… Read More »

Audiogo: Benefits Of Audio Books

There are a range of benefits associated with books on audio, and as the average commuter spends an hour getting to work each day, it’s an ideal solution to combat the boredom of travelling. Audio books are an excellent alternative to print, for readers/listeners of all ages. Books stimulate the mind, increase our vocabulary and… Read More »

Calgary Rentals

Finding the best Calgary Rentals is a rather tough job. If you want to do a thorough research before you venture on your hunt for Calgary Rentals, then do go through the classified ads section in the newspaper or browse the Internet.  You will surely come across numerous Calgary Rentals that are well-suited to your… Read More »

Samsungs Epic Phone From The Galaxy S Series

The Samsung Epic 4G is undoubtedly the jewel in the crown of the Galaxy S line of cell phones. The phone has superior multimedia features that are backed by the high end AMOLED screen which makes the Epic a force to reckon with. Samsungs Epic is also a trendsetter when it comes to unique and… Read More »

Read in Style

Prestigious Venues is a luxury venue brand which has launched Prestigious Venues Magazine. The magazine marks the beginning of a digitally driven era for the luxury industry. The magazine has been released virtually and distributed globally through an interactive Christmas card. CMAGICS, the creative agency and a digital powerhouse is behind this innovative project. The… Read More »