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Candling Chicken Eggs – Candling Duck Eggs

What is Egg Candling? Egg Candling is the process of using an illumination source to determine whether or not the eggs you have are fertile. For this, all you really need is a flashlight and a dark room, although if you want to get really precise and well-lit, you should buy an egg candler. For… Read More »

The Scariest Ghost Movies of All Time

Stories of ghosts and their misdeeds have been around since the beginning of time. Of course, they make the perfect subject for horror movies. Here is a list of some of the scariest ghost movies of all time-tune up your HD TV and turn off the lights as you prepare to be scared. The Shining:… Read More »

Book Club Questions – Top 5 Questions Answered

Most people have many book club questions. What are they? How do you choose reading selections? What books do you recommend? How do I start one? And what about online book clubs? Here, your top five book club questions are answered. Question #1: What is a Book Club? On it’s most basic level, it is… Read More »

Hip Hop Wardrobe Staples For Women

For any woman who dresses, or wants to dress in hip hop clothing, the choices are staggering. There are many lines to choose your dresses, skirts, jeans, tops, and accessories from. Styles range from super casual to elegant and formal. Even though the amount of choices to build your hip hop wardrobe from is enormous,… Read More »