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The Complete Crossover Clinic

Finally, you’re not alone in realizing the genius behind crossovers. The experts and avid crossover fans like you at have realized it, too, so they’re serving up everything you need to know about crossovers on their amazingly informative and up-to-date website. If you’re crazy about crossovers, is the perfect hangout spot for you.… Read More »

Amanda Palmer Releases Radiohead Covers Album

It’s hard to describe Amanda Palmer because she appears to be in a constant whirl of reinvention. From her roots as a street performer to her beginnings as the singer in cabaret duo The Dresden Dolls to more recent endeavours in solo music, photography art and current stage project Evelyn Evelyn, in which a pair… Read More »

You Secret Weapon to Beat Phobias

Phobia is defined as an anxiety disorder characterized by extreme and irrational fear of simple things or social situations. It also may just refer to the extreme and irrational fear itself. Many people experience them in everyday life. Just about everyone has some phobia or another. Spiders, airplanes, heights, or those creepy little nocturnal minions… Read More »

Chuck Complete Season 3 DVD Boxset

Despite cancellation threats, TV show Chuck dvd became the little show that could, with its fourth season debuting on NBC on Sept. 20. The show ‘s third season, debuting on DVD and Blu-ray tomorrow, Sept. 7, gives all the fun, laughs and action fans have come to love as well as special features. Featuring all… Read More »

Distinguishing Each Poker Hands Ranking

A poker hand is made up of 5 playing cards. Every poker hand falls into one of many categories, including flush, straight or two pair. The player whose hand is in the top category wins the game. Let’s learn each Traditional Poker Hand Ranking from highest to lowest. Straight Flush – This is the highest… Read More »

Impressive Pumpkins for Halloween 2010

Halloween 2010 is coming, and pumpkins are most concerned to be creatively carved because carved pumpkins are considered to be the soul of Halloween season. It’s so marvelous that under the skillful hands of artist and sculptor Ray Villafane, ordinary pumpkins become original with scariest shapes hitting Halloween 2010. Those simple pumpkins are carved to… Read More »

Death of Stephen J Gould

With sadness I must report the recent death of Dr. Stephen Jay Gould, 61, Harvard professor and prolific author. Dr. Gould was a down to earth, affable man who wrote many books on the subject of evolution. He attempted to bring evolution to the masses in simplistic terms. His work is reminiscent of that of… Read More »

Obeying the Law on the Road

There is a Judas Priest song called “Breaking the Law” and I think about that song title often when I’m on the road. It simply never ceases to amaze me at how many bad drivers there are out there. From following someone else too closely to changing lanes or turning without using your turn signal,… Read More »

Garden String Lighting : An Ornamental Savior

Patio string lights come in a variety of styles and colors, and they are not just for patios any longer. These lights can also brighten up a deck, add a party atmosphere to a RV, or possibly even illuminate a front door for Christmas. There are plenty of strategies involved with picking out the best… Read More »