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The New American Revolution With the 2008 Presidential Election

“No taxation without representation!” the American forefathers in 1776 declared to the British royals in response to the Stamp Act after tea had already been dumped into the sea during the Boston Tea Party. With that declaration backed by elaboration of the American Constitution, the American founders set off an unprecedented revolution toward freedom and… Read More »

Challenging CPR (Criminology – Politics & Religion)

National statistics indicate that 64.8% of what the American public has been trained to believe about Criminology, Politics, and Religion (CPR) is in fact false. Before reading any further, will anyone take the time to challenge the previous statistic? Probably not. It’s usually easier to comm­ission others to “think for us”. If Americans were told… Read More »

Telangana Report Is Political

The 5-member Srikrishna Committee report on the question of a separate statehood for Telangana has come out on the expected lines. There are no suprises in the list of options recommended by the panel headed for Justice Srikrishna. Of the six options, the least favourable, as suggested by the panel itself, is maintaining a status… Read More »