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Dubstep Music Mastering – Part 5

Know your limit. Even the very best dubstep limiters have their limits before they cause distortion. Get to you know yours, and exactly how far you can push it with it having a detrimental effect on your master. Flatten it out. Timbre is important to how we perceive loudness in dubstep, so make sure a… Read More »

Mars – the red earth

In June and July of 2003, two NASA launched rare robot rovers obliged for Mars with the goal of NASA  to assemble informations about our neighbour globe, the red earth called Mars. Previous expeditions of the last near 30 years have given us so much informations about Mars, but they have been passing visits and… Read More »

What is the Fed?

The United States experimented with a few different national or central banks early after its establishment as a nation but these were all allowed to run their course and then disappear. There was always natural antipathy against putting all of the nation’s money into what would essentially be a “money trust” in the eyes of… Read More »

A Telescoping Shoe Shelf

Every time winter comes, ladies wellington boots will become the favourite fashionable decorations of women, among which UGG ladies wellington boots are the most popular ones because of their good quality, classical design as well as the warmness they will bring to us. And women buy various styles of ladies wellington boots of the latest… Read More »

Planets and their powers

One of my visitor asked a simple and very valid question. They are as follows: 1. Why should we born like this/suffer and then die?. 2. Why there are so many planets/stars? 3.Why should I pray GOD if the ALMIGHTY is present in all the forms? 4. How can I get rid of problems and… Read More »

Becoming an Eco tourist

Becoming an Ecotourist As we see the setting sun we start wondering whether the sun is giving a final bow to this beautiful earth. Vast destruction of habitat and environment does create a sense of helplessness and loss. Well, there was a sadness within me, which prompted me to do what the fashionable thing… Read More »

What is the Ashbringer?

Ashbringer may not yet ring a bell for all World of Warcraft newbie players. So what is Ashbringer and what is the story behind it? Ashbringer is actually a sword of Alexandros Mograine of the Silver Hand who is a former Highlord. The blade was named after Alexandros “The Ashbringer” and his mysterious capability to… Read More »

Samsung U600 Chrome

No other brand has achieved the success of producing slim and powerful phones like Samsung. They are known for their sleek and sexy phone all over the world. Their major customers include beautiful ladies, college guys and those who want to flash the attitude with fashionable phones. The Ultra series of Samsung is known to… Read More »

Research On International Research Grants

Educational grants are always in demand. The demands for these grants are to such an extent that even students from affluent families apply for them. There can be a reason behind this. There is certain amount of respect as well when you get to study on grants or scholarship programs. Most of these scholarships are… Read More »

Astrology 2011 | 2011 Astrology Horoscope predicts horoscope and all other related reports based on Vedic Moon Sign. He story of the Chinese zodiac is very interesting! It is said that Buddha invited all the animals in the world to join him for New Year celebrations, but only 12 animals bother to look up. Yearly horoscope / yearly progression called Varshphal inVedic astrology and use… Read More »