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Beer Recipe – IPA From Extract

This recipe is self-formulated for an IPA based on my own experiences and tastes. If you like a hoppy beer, you’ll love this IPA. Feel free to take it and make minor adjustments of your own depending on your knowledge or expertise. This recipe is for those with a basic knowledge of extract brewing. Let’s… Read More »

Zotrim Ingredients

If the name Zotrim sounds like a diet pill of some sort to you, then you are exactly right. Zotrim is a diet pill made by Natures Remedies, a company in UK founded by 3 doctors a decade ago. It claims to be able to reduce weight by somehow slowing down your digestion, so you… Read More »

Sugar Prices Rose More Than 50% Starch Sugar Market Gone Up – Sugar, Starch – Food Industry

“Now in our province Starch Sugar production Sell Very hot, which is sugarcane Sugar Georgia’s surge this year has a direct relationship. “Recently, this reporter in Shandong Province Food Sugar Industry Corporation interview market, the accident was relatively new to the news of the lay members. According to reports, despite almost no production of sugar… Read More »

Cheap Solar Power Kits For Your Home

What did you spend on electricity last month? Have you taken the time to compare that amount to what you paid for the same month last year? If not, then you should do so today. You will likely be quite surprised at how much the rates have gone up for power, even if you are… Read More »

ebay Lingo

If you’re completely new to eBay then there are a lot of terms and acronyms that you probably won’t understand right off the bat. I have decided to help you out a little bit by creating a list of the most used terms and acronyms in the world of eBay. Print this article out or… Read More »

Cleaning A Drum Kit

All musical instruments have their own cleaning quirks. Some are easy to store away so they can be kept free from dust. Some need polishing. Some just need dusting. The wind instruments need to get all the gunk out of their insides with something like a large pipe cleaner (I don’t know if I want… Read More »