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Photo Sleeve Album – Scrapbook Style

Remember the photo sleeve pages that we used to just slip our photos into? They displayed photos so they were easy to look at, but they weren’t very decorative. It was hard to put any feeling or personality into the pages, and there was little room to write information. Scrapbooks have become very popular and… Read More »

Haunted by Old Record Albums?

If you’re under 40, stop here. This newsletter is directed towards the Boomers and beyond – those of us who have been through more technologies than you can shake an 8 track at. Okay, let’s just go with music: 45 rpms Record albums Cassettes CDs MP3 Something else I’m sure I don’t know about. It’s… Read More »

No Doubt Launch Comeback Without New Album

Yes you read it right. No Doubt are back but have no new material. Why? Gwen Stefani has been spending the years since the breakup…wait for it….eating! That is right. Gwen Stefani realized that it was procrastination that made her eat all the time instead of having a baby and writing new material. It has… Read More »

Miley Cyrus New Music Album Breakout

Whether you see it or not, Miley Cyrus is not a little girl anymore. With the fan base created through her likeness, “Hanna Montana”, Cyrus proves that she has still got what it takes to entertain her audience. With the new CD “Breakout” hitting music stands, the album offers a sound that is updated and… Read More »

Manufacturing Your First Album

The dream of every musician is of the day when they release a new album that becomes an immediate hit. For many musicians, this day is not too far off. There is a lot to think about when it comes to making and producing your own CD. While producing the music itself may be a… Read More »