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Nascar Racing: For Car Racing Extremists

In case you still do not know what  Nascar Racing stands for, it means National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing, a favorite motor sport that multitudes of men from all over the United States are going crazy of. But then, it even extends to far away countries such as Japan, Australia, Mexico and Canada… Read More »

Winning In Nascar Racing

For years, the stock car racing community has been blessed with the great array of competitions that truly make every stock car racing fanatic have his ultimate rush of excitement and adventure with Nascar racing. It cannot be denied that without these wonderful events that the National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing has conjured… Read More »

General Facts On The Sport Auto Racing

Driving is usually an ability and it really is considered as an art as properly. It requires a whole lot of patience and practice for you to develop into a skilled driver. When you drive, you tend not to only concentrate on the road but you also concentrate on different details such because the sound… Read More »

Auto Racing – The Two Main Types

In America, as well as other parts of the world such as Europe, few activities offer as much thrills and exhilaration’s as auto racing, the sport of fast cars zooming around a track to the delight of thousands. Every year, millions of people worldwide turn on their televisions to watch auto racing, or travel hundreds… Read More »

Rallye de Paris ? French auto racing

Rallye de Paris is the annual event of the French auto racing. In addition, more than 200 sports cars from all over Europe came and joined this event on March 13th and March 14th, 2010. One more thing, the traditional festival started at Eiffel Tower and continued on two famous racing roads including French Bugatti… Read More »