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Sedu Celebrity Hairstyle

Go out with chic sedu celebrity hairstyle this season, without spending a fraction of time and resources to get your hair done the way celebrities do. Sedu celebrity hairstyle has great attraction lately from teen girls and women of all ages. No wonders there are more than 10,000 (most probably) women making online searches to… Read More »

Celebrity Enhancements ? Celebrity Plastic Surgery

Carmen Electra – breast implants Carmen Electra has often been open in regards to the reality that she had undergone breast enlargement surgical treatment. Even so she has pointed out within the previous that she was talked into getting larger boobs than she had truly desired and it took her an even though to obtain… Read More »

Book A Celebrity

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to book a celebrity either at your corporate Christmas party, or when you open your new business? Imagine the excitement that you could generate by having Colin Jackson speak at your after dinner party or having Andy Abrahams sing at your store opening. Well now when… Read More »

Celebrity endorsements

Celebrity is one of these strange cultural things. People become famous, often for no particularly important reason except their ability to sing or play a sport well. It’s always been around. In ancient times, top warriors and “entertainers” would rule the cultural roost. Today, we seem less impressed by real soldiers, preferring the Hollywood version.… Read More »

Worst Celebrity Businessmen

Many famous singers, actors, and players have landed on other jobs. Business is a field on which they want to splash millions of dollars. Some celebrities have shown to be successful while others have a knack for making bad business decisions, crash and burn. The following are worst celebrity business owners who have not been… Read More »

Celebrity Autographs

Collecting autographs of the rich and famous has been a popular avocation for hundreds of years. Autographs of people like Isaac Newton and George Washington have survived because their contemporaries and generations of collectors that followed have appreciated their achievements and have treasured their autographs. Catalogs distributed by autograph dealers are an enjoyable way to… Read More »