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Importance of Comfortable Cheerleading Apparel

Cheerleading is a sport that needs attention from the cheerleaders when the performance is going on. The cheerleaders must have a fit and healthy body to keep cheering without any breaks. They must have a rough and tough personality. These cheerleaders have a specific outfit that has to be worn during cheering for the sport.… Read More »

How to Get Noticed at Cheerleading Tryouts

You’ve been preparing for Cheerleading Tryouts daily. You’ve taken some tumbling classes at the local gym. You’ve stretched every night and have done all you can to perfect your jumps, by now your last name should be Herkie. Your motions are crisp and strong. Each time your mother walks by the bathroom she sees you… Read More »

Healing Those Cheerleading Bruises

The 26th annual report from the National Center for Catastrophic Sports Injury Research at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill listed cheerleading as “the most dangerous sport.” Fortunately, serious cheerleading injuries are decreasing, but any sport can lead to bumps and bruises. There are natural remedies for cheerleaders’ small injuries which can keep… Read More »

Preparing For Cheerleading Competition

Bag sales are up so that must mean cheerleaders are gearing up for competition travels! So what better time for us to break down competition must haves for cheerleaders and coaches alike. Coach Checklist: Cell Phone – Always have a cell phone on you! Keep your contact list updated with team members phone numbers as… Read More »

Cheerleading – Deceptively Dangerous

All the guys in basketball jerseys, football pads and helmets, with their chiseled physiques, and hard and dirty reputations are put too shame when placed next too a cheerleader. A five foot girl, wearing short skirts and a sweater, turns out to be far braver and tougher than the guys on the court or the… Read More »

How to Coach Youth Cheerleading

Coaching a group of young cheerleaders can be a rewarding and fun experience. Teaching kids cheerleading stunts and cheers, and then helping them improve enough to perform in competition is a very proud feeling for any coach. But it’s a big responsibility and requires commitment and training to be successful and respected by your cheerleaders.Many… Read More »