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CMOS Sensor Digital Outdoor Helmet Camera Central – Support SD Card

Online Shop: Helmet Camera Features: • CMOS sensor digital camera • Outdoor Helmet Camera, • helmet camera central • Sensor: CMOS sensor • Construction: ABS plastic • Standard storage media SD Card, support up to 2GB (not include) Specifications: • Synchronous: Video • Resolution: 320*240 • Typical Microphone Range: 3-10m • File Format: MP4-AVI •… Read More »

Inaccurate Computer Date- CMOS Battery Failure

Often forgotten but highly essential to your individual computer system is something called your CMOS battery. CMOS is actually a chip that is built into your computers motherboard; it retains the body data and it is settings. It is stored here so that the data is maintained and never erased, corrupted or accidentally edited. This… Read More »

Battle of the Video Sensors – CMOS Vs CCD

The image sensor is the camera component which captures light and begins the process of turning it into a digital image. There are two types of security camera sensors: CCD (charge coupled device) and CMOS (complementary metal oxide semiconductor). Which of the two you choose depends on your application. First a little background on each… Read More »