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Conservative Blogs Are Gaining in Popularity

With conservative blogs increasing in popularity and growing in membership, more people are tuning into hear the alternative ideas and downplayed values. Today’s all stars in the conservative political realm include big names likes Bobby Jindal, Sarah Palin, Mitt Romney and Lindsey Graham among others. After the ’06 Democrats sweeping of Congress and the Senate… Read More »

Redefining the Conservative Movement in America

The conservative movement in America is drastically changing. Once a movement of conservative thought and philosophy, it has now become a movement of many voices and political directions. There is still the underlying principle of fighting for less government control in our lives, smaller government, fiscal responsibility etc. However, many other things have crept into… Read More »

Minimalist Accessories For the Conservative One

Traditional conservative fashion has proven to stand the test of time. Minimalist and refined garments and accessories are successful because there are easily combined, look classic and suit almost any figure. Recent fashion trends have shown that those who are fashion conscious and have a tight grip on their purse strings are opting for classical… Read More »

Is Glenn Beck The Great Conservative Hope?

Talk radio and television host Glenn Beck has rocketed up several lists over the past couple years.  The first list is the one kept by conservatives and reflects people that they most identify with and who reflect their views.  By my count Beck is perhaps second only to Rush Limbaugh on this list.  The second… Read More »

True Liberalism: Quite Conservative

“Liberalism.” We hear the term used on a daily basis. In our time it has rather negative implications. Many modern Liberals attempt to disassociate themselves from the term by claiming to be “independents” or “moderates.” In today’s usage, this term is most often associated with socialism and communism. This, however, has not always been the… Read More »

Reviving the Conservative Movement

The state of the nation four or eight years from now is going to be dramatically different than what we see now. With a steady growth in government spending and taxes it’s going to be hard to bring us back down. Once certain programs are put into effect it is almost impossible to reverse or… Read More »

The Conservative Renaissance is Here

First, I must qualify the title as it seems to suggest a nefarious collusion between the principles about which this article is designed, which is neither the case nor my intent. I will defend the title, however, on the grounds that the apparent ensnarement of Rahm Emanuel is all the indication needed to conclude that,… Read More »