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The Democrats Have a Mandate!

The Democrats claim to have a mandate and even Nancy Pelosi claims to have a mandate? Sure she does from her own district where it is completely unbalanced like the rest of America where 90% of her voters are clearly left wingers. Sure the Democrats have a majority, but it is really slim 232 to… Read More »

Immigration and the Democrats

I used to be a supporter of the democrats until I read about their stance on this issue. I have to say, I am very disappointed. Today there are between 9 to 20 million illegal immigrants in the United States. This means that no one really knows how many there actually are. They work in… Read More »

The Democrats’ Confidence Game

In a survey conducted in early June, Rasmussen found that Americans trust Republicans more than Democrats on six out of eleven top issues. It’s no surprise that Republicans lead on national security: after 9/11, when Bush implemented policies to fight terrorism, Republicans’ trust ratings skyrocketed, because Americans saw the problem at hand and liked the… Read More »

Democrats – Stand Up for America

Baracka Hussein Obama, Jr. Will the real Democrats please step forward, America needs you now – many of you have been placed between a rock and a hard place.  There’s no doubt you want a Democrat President, but the question is what price will you pay? Few of you are waking up in the morning,… Read More »

Core Democratic Values

Here are few core democratic values which can be added to the constitution of any country in the world, and greatly improve the democracy in these states: 1) All civilians have the right for freedom, integrity, peace, security, privacy and honor – equally and fully. 2) All civilians have rights and duties –… Read More »