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Hooray for Hollywood

From Lyme Regis’s famous cobb featured in the French Lieutenant’s Woman to Cornwall’s Port Isaac ( Port Wenn in the Doc Martin TV series ), there has never been a shortage of places for fans to go and investigate. Now it seems it is not just local tourist industries who have reason to rejoice at… Read More »

Hollywood And Teamwork

20 Blockbuster Movies to Advance Any Team Teamwork manifests itself in many different ways. Most noticeably we see it in sports and the sport most people view as a team sport is basketball, followed closely by football. Well there are a lot of places to recognize teamwork in action. To get a hold of the… Read More »

Odd Hollywood Couples

Hollywood stars have always been the centre of media and public attention. Especially, their personal lives make their fans curious. Many celebrity couples have been trying to shield their secrets from the public and do anything with great caution. However, some Hollywood couples do not care much about public criticism and have announced their highly… Read More »

Awkward Hollywood hairstyles

Stars always know the best ways to put themselves in the center of attention. Appearing in public with impressive styles, they make fans not able to keep their eyes away from them. “Impressive” can have both positive and negative shade of meaning. Recently, instead of appearing charming and gracious with elegant dresses and sparkling accessories,… Read More »

Top Hollywood couples

When the Hollywood stars are more famous, they like to show off themselves before their fans. In Fashion Week each season, we also see them appear in Fashion Show of the famous fashion brands in the world. They contribute to developing well known brands by signing a contact and becoming the representative of the world’s… Read More »

Hollywood feather outfits

Not only are Hollywood stars well known for their admirable talents but they are also shining with their gracious beauty. Being the center of attention, such celebrities always take great care of their appearance whenever they are in public or in front of the media’s cameras. Splendid costumes together with complicated and sparkling accessories help… Read More »

Best Hollywood Diets

Celebrities have always been idolized not just because of their performances but primarily because of their looks and their very well maintained bodies. Common people just dream of having a figure like these celebrities. It is actually a miracle how the celebrities shed off impressive amounts of pounds and get in shape in the quickest… Read More »