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The History Beyond The Scrap Indianapolis 500

Are you looking for a great place to enjoy? A place where in you can forget your problems, deviate your attention on something which can make your heart beats faster? Something that can make you thrilled, excited and full of fun? Watch scrap Indianapolis 500 and you will have the best break ever! But then… Read More »

Feeding Fido

Indy is the name of my hundred pound rottweiler and labrador mix. He’s a beautiful dog and the nicest pup I’ve ever owned. Although he looks like a beast and is built for deterring would be burglars and mailmen from the property line, he’s really a gentle giant. In fact, this dog is so well… Read More »

Ezip 500 Ezip 500

Power The eZip one thousand electric scooter is furnished with a 1,000-watt DC motor. It can easily propel the scooter to some highest speed between 15 and 17 miles per hour. Its max speed will depend upon the rider’s weight in addition to the type of terrain traveled over. One of the popular electrical scooters… Read More »

Tips In Designing Indy Used Cars

As much as people want to express themselves through the different designs and paint schemes on their cars, car repainting is not as easy as making a paper drawing. Cars are their owners extension, so the car colors and designs usually define the personality of its owner. In fact, in Indianapolis, car repainting, just like… Read More »