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Investment Portfolios

Investment Portfolios   Since investors like to increase their expected wealth and like to avoid risk or uncertainty, it is possible to imagine different combinations of expected gain and risk which are valued equally by an investor. That is, an investor will be willing to assume greater risk, if he achieves greater expected wealth. The individual investor… Read More »

Investment Hot

A good launch of the project is not just a product, but also do a lot of follow-up services, home car wash can be solved if the drainage problems, should be able to promote the district and another washing machine if such steps can reduce the price lower, can be used to wash the car… Read More »

Investment Strategy

The most common paradox we come across is ‘money does not bring happiness.’ Then why since time immemorial, people from different civilizations, continents, customs and religions desire to be affluent, prosperous and wealthy. Money is not everything in the world, definitely there are few things, much more important than prosperity, like our health, family and… Read More »

Turkish Investment Appeal

As the appeal for foreign property investments continue, buyers are becoming more interested in obtaining the full potential from their purchases. Buying procedures are evolving as investors become increasingly confident in the processes and risks involved in overseas markets. Average investors are moving further afield from regions of familiarity, understanding the increased benefits to be… Read More »

Investment in You

This week for me has been very much a week of growth both in knowledge as I find myself wanting to develop my own personal knowledge, new experiences by going back into the gym enviroment and also observation by stepping out what sometimes feels like the fitness bubble and having a good look around at… Read More »

Investment Gobbledygook

“There are no orphan shares …istock_000009147687xsmall”. A lot of what passes as serious investment commentary is simply “gobbledygook”, i.e. nonsense or drivel. It defies share market realities and is at odds with the philosophy that markets work. Yet, unfortunately, some of the people and organizations generally regarded as finance experts are the main proponents of… Read More »