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Lean Manufacturing Basics

Lean manufacturing quite simply is the production of goods using less of everything compared to traditional mass production. Less waste, less human effort, less manufacturing space, less investment in tools, and less engineering time to develop a new product are the initiatives of lean manufacturing. Lean Manufacturing is a systematic approach to identifying and eliminating… Read More »

Bodybuilding Supplement Manufacturing

Bodybuilding supplements are substances taken in addition to the diet by weight trainers or those involved in similar sports. When used in combination with a balanced diet and a good training program, supplements can assist in building muscle mass more quickly. Most supplements contain substances which naturally occur in the human body, such as amino-acids.… Read More »

More About Gear Manufacturing

You must have seen gears anywhere in your life. Right from your watches to your car, everywhere gears are being used in one form or the other. Just having seen gears all through our lives isn’t it interesting to find out how its being manufactured? Well, you can find the same here. Let’s start with… Read More »

Manufacturing Intelligence

Manufacturing Intelligence is the processes, techniques, strategies and initiatives being implemented by companies around the world that aim to reduce unnecessary and unproductive tasks, activities and behaviors in the work environment. Because the times have really gone hard, demanding and intense due to political and turbulent concerns affecting all nations, firms are currently facing challenges… Read More »

Manufacturing Supplies

Sheet metal fabricators deploy various techniques and items of machinery to bend and shape metal into the components it supplies to numerous other industries, including the automotive, aircraft manufacturing and white goods industries, to name just a few. There is a whole range of equipment used, from simple hand-held tools, such as the tin snip,… Read More »

Manufacturing Brass

Brass is a very strong metal created as an alloy of copper and zinc molten together. It is used primarily as home fixtures and decorations, due to its striking resemblance to gold. It can also be used for mechanical parts, due to its properties of low friction. Materials having minimal attributes friction are needed in… Read More »