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Biotech Promises Future Chances

Biotechnology is a new field of research with many involved subjects and applications. Some its subjects can be named as Molecular genetics, Biochemistry, Mircobiology, Immunology, Genetic engineering and some of Health and Medicine, Agriculture and Animal Husbandary. Its research results serve the developing of medicine, vaccines and diagnostics, productivity, energy production and conservation, quality of… Read More »

Side Stream sand filter from shubham

side stream sand filter normally used for industrial cooling tower. Cooling Towers, by design, flush airborne contamination such as biocides, heat, slime or silt into the system, where they deposit on heat exchange surfaces. Suspended matter in the cooling water also supplies living microorganisms with a constant food source for sustaining life and multiplying. Shubahm… Read More »

USANA Home Business Review

Personal healthcare products have been in the forefront of activities in network marketing. The reason is quite understandable; most of the popularity in this regard was triggered by great preference and increasing demands. People realize the contribution of these products to live healthy and avoid expensive medical recourses.  USANA has earned a name in healthy… Read More »

House Cleaning Tips- Getting Rid Of Mould

During my university student days, I flatted with a microbiology student. As one assignment, she had to grow mould cultures taken from various parts of the house, including the refrigerator. Petri dishes with revolting grey, white, orange and black substances kept cropping up all over the house. This is one of the few situations in… Read More »

Acrylamide: Microbiological Method Will Replace The Chemical – Acrylamide – Pharmaceutical

Create a domestic production of bulk biological Chemical industry Products and materials, first of its kind in the third generation of acrylamide production technology?? Microbe technology, because it has high selectivity, high activity and high efficiency, and produce “waste” less advantages, since inception has been favored. 2009, held last week acrylamide / polyacrylamide industry seminar,… Read More »

The Many Uses Of A Microbiology Testing Lab

Microbiology is understood to be typically the study of microorganisms that are classed as too small to be viewed using the naked eye. Fungi, protists, not to mention prokaryotes are samples of microorganisms. Viruses are generally notgrouped as living organisms nevertheless they are generally researched within microbiology anyway. Believe it or not, microbiology is known… Read More »