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Physics Laboratory Equipment, Physics Lab Experiments

Various equipments, instruments and apparatuses which are used to perform experiments in different branches of physics are termed as physics lab equipments. Generally physics laboratory equipments are required and used in research laboratories, schools, colleges and many other places where physics is studied and researched upon. In a physics lab various disciplines of physics are… Read More »

The Physics Of Fireworks

Fireworks have long been associated with celebration and making a statement to the world that says that there is a reason to rejoice and have fun. We have seen a fireworks display high up in the sky and all around us, getting lost in the dazzling colours and a myriad sounds. There is a great… Read More »

Jobs Dealing With Physics

Physics is an applicable subject, especially when it deals with technology. As we see that today we can’t live without technology, any skill and knowledge on this subject will be much more needed than before. Hence, for those who are interested in pursuing career involving with physics, you don’t need to worry as there are… Read More »

Physics Of A Psychic Reading

Are we all connected on a deeper level? Does some commonality connect all of humanity? According to the latest theories, in quantum physics, this would seem to be the case. Theories regarding the Big Bang, quantum entanglement, and the conservation of energy all lend themselves to a deeper interconnectivity between the subatomic particles that compose… Read More »

Physics – What You Should Know

Physics is one of those fields that you either love or hate, but no matter what your position, you can never escape it. It isn’t because it is a required class that you have to take before you can graduate high school, it is because it is always around us and we are constantly affected… Read More »

The Zen of Quantum Physics

Ever since I can remember, I have been fascinated with two topics, Zen and quantum physics. Along the way there have been many things that have caught my fancy, from writers, film makers, philosophers and psychologists. But I always come back to Zen and physics, especially quantum physics. I don’t pretend that this essay is… Read More »