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Politics – The Id in Idealism and the Cyn in Cynicism

Idealism is a quality to be cultivated and nurtured. It is the idealist who helps us see things as they might be. It is the nature of some to be optimistic, upbeat, and encouraging. Usually, such personalities attract attention, respect and affection. Is it because they are always giving off similar signals to others? Sorting… Read More »

No Room For Politics of Hate in Our Elections

In the middle school I used to work at, one of our administrators was talking to the staff about dealing with the increase of poor student behavior that had been on the rise at our school. He made the remark that “if you allow it, you are promoting it”. I was reminded of those words… Read More »

Bilingual Politics – Should Immigrants Be Allowed to Vote?

Bilingual Politics would create mass confusion among any nation that uses the voting system to select members of office. The United States of America is an English speaking country since it’s very beginning. Any person entering the United States of America whether it is on a Work Visa Permit or illegally should never be able… Read More »

Business, Hand-in-hand With Politics

The business community is one of the most influential and powerful sectors right next to the government of any nation. The business community has the capacity to manipulate the economy of a nation. They have the capacity to control and dictate the prices despite what the government and its laws set. This predicament is not… Read More »