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Republican Campaign Megaphone Marketing

With a little creative thought, you can take a product that is intended for one Republican campaign purpose and turn it into a Republican campaign marketing multi-tasker. Take megaphones for example. Consider how you can make effective use of a couple hundred megaphones imprinted with your Republican Campaign logo and website. First, and most obvious,… Read More »

Have Republicans Lost Faith?

As Senator McCain’s star rises through slim primary victories and high-profile endorsements from the likes of Arnold Schwarzenegger, Rudy Giuliani and The New York Times, more and more Republicans have begun to view McCain as the “electable” candidate. McCain’s “electability” stems from a few factors: his being a POW, honorably serving this country and the… Read More »

All About Alan Keyes The Republican

First off, he is a well traveled man. Being the son of a U.S. Army sergeant, he spent much of his childhood traveling from place to place including Georgia, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Texas, Virginia and Italy. After having graduated high school, he attended Cornell University where he studied political philosophy under the influential… Read More »

I Need a Reason to Vote Republican

Growing up in the South I have seen how people can become blinded by their feelings rather than logic. That is why I am writing this article. I genuinely want to know the answer to why some voters choose to vote Republican. Now, I do understand why someone who makes more than $ 250,000 a… Read More »

Republican Contract With America Sequel

It is imperative that we build the Republican Party back up again by being innovative and optimistic while offering a visionary set of ideals that will move the country forward in the new millennium. I propose that it is crucial to give America the sequel to the Contract with America that the Republicans brilliantly unveiled… Read More »

Republican Values

Since the Republican Party’s inception during the early 1850s, strong morals and values have been emphasized. Support for the abolishment of slavery fueled the origin of this new political club. Their platform was rather simple at the time stressing human rights, religion, and family values. As social culture changed and national policy became more complex,… Read More »

Controversial Republicans

Every four years there is a new presidential election, which always ends up with negativity – which is mostly inspired by attack ads and rivals bringing out dirty laundry. This election includes the standard campaigning, primaries, caucuses and all that other fun political stuff. Not surprisingly, each election also comes with its own set of… Read More »

Republican Dilemma Resolved?

With the entire Republican delegation finally standing firm against the most recent ‘bailout’ (read ‘pork barrel’) package one has to wonder if backbone has finally returned to the party of low taxes, smaller government and limited spending. For some this represents no change at all. These have been the voices crying out in the wilderness… Read More »