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Small Business Grants

By Mark Smith  Pell Grants | Pell Grants Small Business Grants are free money awards from the federal government to help you start, run, or expend your company. These grants target small businesses through out the country as the federal authorities believe small businesses create jobs and help the local economy. The overall 2009 budget… Read More »

Small Business Web Design

Web Design has become a huge asset to business in the last 10 years. People are now saying “What is your web address?”, instead of asking if you even have a website, it is pretty much expected if you own a business. And if you respond that you don’t have a website, they look at… Read More »

Small Business Server Backup

Small Business Server Backup testimonial from a recent Dependable Computer Guys, Inc. client, in a testimonial from the citisearch website. Dependable SafeSTOR saved the day! Testimonial by BethJenkins via Citysearch “We would have been completely shut down if it hadn’t been for not only the Dependable SafeStor device, but the quick access we had to… Read More »

Small Business Grants

Many people don’t know what is a business grant. Firstly what exactly is business grant must be made clear. It came into picture as companies have to borrow money from bank as loans and in return have to pay huge interests on the loan. Therefore, government started providing small business grants to the companies setting… Read More »

Small Business Infrastructure

I literally went to the dictionary and looked up the word “Infrastructure.” It means the basics, the foundation, how things are organized, how it is put together. Here are the 3 basic considerations which are the foundations of a small business infrastructure. Item 1. A product or service to sell. Item 2. A method or… Read More »

Small Business Success Secret

It is not really a secret, because every guru on the internet will tell you that the small business success secret is to take action. The biggest reason people have for not taking action, is that they are afraid to fail. Unfortunately, it will be impossible for them to succeed. You cannot become successful if… Read More »